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Dear Friend,

Are you tired of all of the fad diets promising that you will lose weight without having to do anything?

Yes… you know what I am talking about.

Have You Heard Of These…Or Even Tried Them!!!

The Grapefruit Diet?

The Cabbage Soup Diet?

The Hollywood Diet?

Tapeworm Diet?

Negative Calorie Diet?

Acai Berry Diet?

All New You is NO ‘Fad’ diet or the latest ‘trend’…. this is a natural, structured plan that offers you variety, achievable goals and support to get you exactly where you want to be and keep you there?

PLUS … You Don’t Need To Worry About Gym Times Or Leaving The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Now who am I and why should you listen to me?

Well for a start I am not a personal trainer or celebrity trainer like many claim to be!! My name is James Andrew and what I am is somebody who has been involved in the fitness industry for roughly 15 years or so.

Here I am so you can put a face to the words!!


But that isn’t really important….what is important is my story!!

At the back end of last year my aunt came up to me and said that she had just cancelled her gym membership as she was unable to attend the majority of classes there as she worked shifts and when she did get there she was put off by the intimidating atmosphere there (something I and you can relate to!) She said to me ‘I’d love to be able to do the classes without leaving home!’ She was joking but at that moment a lightbulb went off and at that moment was born!!

I spent the next six months meeting and working with the best experts I could find and finding out what people wanted….it blew my mind!! This is THE first time ever on the internet that you are able to have proven experts training you, encouraging you and getting the results that you want without having to make time to go to the gym or leave the comfort of your own home.

Allnew-you is unique and our aim is to revolutionise the way people lose weight, improve their stamina, tone up and eat healthier without the uncertainty of false claims, the next pill or any other ‘fad’.

The gym isn’t for everyone and that is why allnew-you has been designed with that in mind and to give you the variety of a gym when in suits you without any hassle or fuss.

There is no sharing machines that other sweaty people have been using, no waiting for someone else to get off a machine before you can even get your work out done…’s your choice when you want!

Not to mention you are just another ‘number’ paying a monthly fee just waiting to use those sweaty machines…

Let’s be honest how many times a month do you even go to the gym?

Is it more of a hassle then a benefit?

Not to mention all the classes at the gym are full and during times of the day when you are busy at work!

There has to be a better solution…

What If You Could Have All The Benefits of The Gym At Your Own Home?

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to work out on your schedule and have all the benefits of a gym in the comfort of your own home?

The “All New You “ program is for you! The All New You Program is for anyone that wants to live a healthier lifestyle on your terms!!

Whether you are:

  • … You’re fed up with your current diet and fitness routine because it’s too hard, boring or it’s just not working.
  • … If you’ve been told you must go hungry to lose weight.
  • … You want to get rid of your fat belly just in time to show it off at the beach.
  • …If you don’t have time to go to the gym.
  • … You want to finally enjoy getting fit and not give up because It’s TOO Hard?
  • … If you want to enjoy working out in the comfort of your home.
  • … If you want to have all the benefits of the gym including  Zumba, Yoga, Personal Trainers, and a Personal Nutritionist for less than the cost of a monthly gym membership!

If you answer yes to any of the above, then “ALL NEW YOU” is exactly what you’ve been looking for

Keep reading and find out why “ALL NEW YOU” has taken the world by storm, and how you too can join the fun…


Read For Yourself What Actual All New You Members Are Saying:

This is exactly what I have been looking for!! I don’t normally write reviews but when James asked me to try this I never expected it to be this good. Every day something new not just the ‘same old’ thing…AMAZING!!

Owen (Bristol, United Kingdom)

The videos are so professional and the trainers are amazing and I can’t wait for the next video!!

Claire (Houston, Texas)

I work shifts so can very rarely make any classes but this is just perfect as I can watch them when it suits me!!…it makes me wonder how this hasn’t been done before!! Great job James, this rocks!!

Michelle (London, United Kingdom)

I joined a gym about 3 months ago and hated it!! It’s just too intimidating, but then I found this website and I get all the benefit of the gym, but in my living room!! Love it!!

(Kevin, Sacramento)

Look At How Expensive The Programs Of All New You Would Cost You Individually!!


PLUS…You Will Have Access To Your Own All New You App As Part Of Your Membership!!

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Yes that’s right, we have covered EVERYTHING for you!! You will also have access to our amazing new app which means you can access the site on the go, follow our amazing recipes, get ingredients on the go, keep a record of your calorie intake, check your BMI plus SO MUCH MORE!!

But That’s Not All!!…Want Extra Support Not Just From Our Experts??!! We’ve Taken Care OF That Too!!


As a member of All New-You you will have access to our MEMBERS ONLY Facebook group where you can make friends, socialize, encourage and chat with fellow members and be motivated in a friendly and personal way that you will not get without our amazing program!!

This Really Is THE Solution That You Have Been Looking For!!

Are You Fed up of Empty Promises?

Forget everything you’ve tried before …  It hasn’t worked and it isn’t ever going to work.

There are so many websites selling absolutely useless diet and workout programs, and in many cases they lie about the results… Either the creator hasn’t done proper research, actually used the program, or they hooked up with copy experts who know how to twist words to disguise the truth from you!

We are definitely not a fad diet or a fad fitness routine. We are not promising you that you will lose weight over night.

There is no magic bullet… Hard work, dedication and consistency is the only way to see results …

Also please don’t forget, it has to be done correctly so that you don’t harm your body in the long run.

We realize the only way for you to succeed when all else has failed is to make this journey Fun and something you enjoy doing otherwise success won’t last long.

Normally, when you think of healthy eating and losing weight, it is all associated with pain, hard work and is very expensive…

What if there was a way to remain excited about doing activities to burn fat?

Activities that didn’t push your mind over the edge because you are fighting cravings, hunger and exhaustion…

What if you could enjoy delicious tasting foods a without the guilt?

Go out with friends to any restaurants and not feel like you’re missing something?

Explore exciting new health food that will tickle and excite your taste buds?

What if you could have all that without punishing yourself… and all the “no pain, no gain” mentality that will eventually break you and make you go back to bad habits for good because you associate healthy eating with pain and suffering….

NO More Suffering!!

The All New You is your ticket out of a life of misery, pain and agony… a way of shedding those unwanted pounds, getting a well toned body so you can finally enjoy a healthier life forever.

It’s that simple…

SAVE OVER $797 a Month

Finally A Workout Program Designed With You In Mind!

Look at everything that you will get with the All New You program for less than the cost of a monthly gym membership!


If you want to keep fit, lose unwanted weight faster and easier than ever before, without the rebound effect–  All New You will surprise you.

Especially if you are a busy person or have tried dieting but it hasn’t worked. … if you’ve lost confidence that you’ll never be slim and fit again… if you worried about how your excess weight is affecting your health, relationships, work and your family life.

The All New You program will get you back into the swing of life. You will start feeling better from the very first day!

Plus You Are Getting Trained By REAL Trainers And Advised By An Award Winning Nutritionist In The Comfort of Your Own Home!!


You will not get this kind or level of support Anywhere else

Stop The No Pain No Gain Mentality And Sign Up for All-New-You Today!

Get access to your own Personal Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Zumba and Yoga instructors all for about $1 per day! Think about it… you have the opportunity to totally transform your body from the comfort of your own home for less than what you pay for a cup of coffee a day!

Just Take A Second To Go Through The Table Below And See The Fantastic Value You Will Get As A Member And The Savings You Will Make!!


For Less Than A Cup Of Coffee a Day I Guarantee You’ll See Better Results Than Anything You’ve Tried Before.

Best of All… it Comes With Absolutely ZERO Financial Risk. All the risk is on Me!

There is nothing like “ALL New You” out there. This is an exclusive offer to commemorate the first ever release of our healthy eating, weight loss and body sculpturing program that will make the greatest positive impact on your life.

I am more than confident that “ALL NEW YOU” is exactly what you’ve been looking for and that it will help you achieve your healthy goals even if you hate to exercise.

We make hard work fun, and as a result we are happy for you to try ALL NEW YOU for 60 days RISK FREE and after anytime within the 60 days for any reason you are not happy with the results, just send us an email and we will refund you your investment in your health.

I really want you to succeed! You have nothing to lose but weight!

Stop Being Stuck On The Weight Loss Treadmill And Jump Into All New You!

The time is NOW for you to take back control of your weight loss goals and your life!

It is time for you to join a fitness program designed with you in mind!

All New You will enable you to enjoy health and fitness again!

  • Enjoy working out from the comfort of your own home
  • Stop worrying about being able to make it to the gym in between work and life
  • Enjoy fun and exciting fitness routines designed to make sure you are having fun while working out!
  • Have all the benefits of a personal trainer, zumba, yoga, and a personal nutritionist without having to break the bank for all of them!
  • Feel Reassured that if this isn’t for you that you have a 60 day No Questions asked Money Back Guarantee!
  • Have private access to your own members Facebook group
  • Use our fantastic app that will make calorie counting and so much more a breeze




  • You will be billed $37 every month till you cancel your subscription
  • The All New You program is delivered as expert video sessions and PDF’S.
  • We offer a ‘no questions asked’ 60 day money backguarantee
  • You will get instant access to the member area where you need to login to start straight away
  • Fantastic new content will be delivered every 14 days
  • If you have any questions please click here